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Wild Lasagna Stuffed Peppers

We are starting off the new year with a new season, and we are plan on sharing with you as many "Wild" recipe videos as possible. These recipes adhere to something called the Wild Diet, which my wife and I have wholeheartedly accepted and adopted into our lifestyle (our kids are another story, although we are trying). It's all about eating real food that is healthy, nutritious, of course delicious, and never contains any processed food ingredients (namely wheat, corn, sugar, soy, rice, among others) but rather only the best ingredients we can find (grass-fed beef, organic produce and cheese, etc.). Oh, and by the way, big shout-out to my Aunt Jackie who suggested that we make stuffed peppers!

I've always had mixed feelings about stuffed peppers until I made these. One of my complaints about stuffed peppers is that they are typically stuffed with ingredients that taste great, but the pepper itself ends up being the most bland part of the dish - this recipe solves that problem by first seasoning and roasting the pepper before stuffing them. My other complaint about stuffed peppers is that most people use green peppers, and I really don't like green peppers (in my opinion, they are bitter and unappetizing). And on top of that, some people leave the pith in the pepper which is also very bitter. Red peppers are really green peppers that are allowed to ripen on the vine, resulting in a sweeter and more flavorful pepper. Let me put it this way - how many times have you seen someone eat a stuffed pepper and only eat the stuffing and leave the pepper behind?

I have to admit we are leaving out one traditional lasagna ingredient, namely the pasta, because it is made from wheat flour which is a heavily processed ingredient and is not Wild Diet approved. I promise you the roasted red pepper makes up for it. I may actually prefer these stuffed peppers over traditional lasagna, and that's hard for me to say growing up in an Italian family and having many wonderful homemade trays of lasagna.

Video Tutorial (Season 2, Episode 1)

In this video, my wife and I guide you through making our favorite stuffed pepper. This is great to make if you have leftover homemade marinara sauce and homemade ricotta cheese (see our season 1 recipe videos). The homemade ricotta cheese and the fresh mozzarella is a must - please do not skimp on these ingredients or you will drastically change the end result. Also please note: I did NOT mix enough of ricotta cheese for 5 large peppers in the video - I corrected this in the written recipe (link is below).


Tips, Tricks, and Essentials

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