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Our Site Mission

We help other families teach, learn, share, and enjoy cooking with their children.

This site started as a project with Art, his wife Liz, and his children Anna and Andy, looking for something to do while being quarantined at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although our local public schools instituted remote learning, we found that we needed to find additional activities to keep our children active and engaged throughout the day.  So we decided to start cooking with them on a regular basis.  Our children now plan a meal every Friday, shop for ingredients on the weekend, and then prepare that meal (with supervision) on Monday evenings.  We plan to continue doing this over the next several years, teaching and sharing our culinary skills with our kids and sharing our experiences with you.  We hope that we inspire you to do the same with your children and you start cooking together with your children as a family.

Our goal is to post a video tutorial each week along with a blog post and recipe.  Each blog post will contain a story about the recipe, where it came from, and tips on how to engage cooking that recipe with your children.  The recipes will shared virtually on our "Kitchen Table", which we invite you to take a seat and join and become a member of our site.  There is no charge to become a member, but we do ask that you sign into our site to access our recipes.  After all, some of these recipes are family secrets, and we'd like to get to know you as well.


Meet Our Family

Want to know more about the Ardolino's?  Read below to find out more about each family member.



Amateur Chef

Art started exploring his love for cooking in college and has been experimenting in the kitchen for over 20 years.  By day, he's an ERP Consultant and a Software Architect.  But on the weekends, he enjoys cooking for his family and is constantly perfecting his culinary skills.  He finds cooking a way to relax and express himself and enjoys the satisfaction of preparing a great meal for his family.  Most of his knowledge comes from watching cooking shows and experimenting at home in the kitchen.  He is always searching for new recipes, and will often take new recipes and modify them or combine them with other recipes using the skills he has learned over the years.  



Amateur Baker

Every family needs a baker, and Liz feels most comfortable baking in the kitchen.  By day, she is a professor of Physical Therapy and an Assistant Program Director.  Liz shines at baking cakes, cookies, brownies, breads - if its something you can put together and throw in the oven, that's perfect for Liz.  While she fully admits her decorating skills could use some work, the taste, texture, and flavors are amazing and she gets rave reviews whenever she bakes and shares with our family and friends.



Inspiring Actress

Anna is the family actress and is currently in 4th grade.  While she participates in basketball and swimming, she enjoys acting the best.  She started acting in Kindergarten and has been doing it ever since.  She has landed multiple lead roles, including Michael in Mary Poppins, Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Miss Trunchbull in Matilda.  Art and Liz encourage her to cook in the kitchen, with Art sharing his culinary skills and Liz sharing her baking skills.  Anna has gravitated towards baking and has started executing recipes completely on her own (with adult supervision, of course).



Sports Fanatic

Andy is our soccer goalie and is currently in 2nd grade.  He absolutely loves playing soccer, but he'll play any sport that has a ball in it.  He plays football, basketball, and occasionally does swimming, too.  It's amazing to see Andy play goalie - he acts like he's the coach on the field, guiding and leading his team to help defend the goal and get the ball to the offense to score.  Art and Liz encourage Andy to cook in the kitchen.  He has not taken the interest that Anna has taken in the culinary arts, but we do find that Andy tends to really enjoy eating things that he has helped prepare himself.

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